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Dr. Sergio Rubinstein is a dentist in the Chicago area. When he contacted 4 Step Studio he was starting his own practice, and needed to hire someone to build his online presence. The goal was to provide Dr. Rubinstein's clients with an easy-to-use website that allows them to see some of his work and give them the ability to contact the front office to schedule an appointment.


You can see Dr. Rubinstein's website by clicking here. 

"It is a pleasure to write a recommendation letter for 4 Step Studio. Choosing a website designer is very easy! There are thousands of people and companies to choose from! But to find a company that will create a website that understand your needs, demands, clientele and deliver in a timely manner with the vision for your present and future needs is not that simple! Understanding when good is not good enough but achieving excellence and exceeding expectations only takes place when you care and have great talent!


Thank you 4 Step Studio, Sergio Rubinstein

Sergio Testimonial
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