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Psychology Persia is a website that offers international customers a way to learn more about the services of Dr. Ahadpour. What makes this website so interesting is it is done in both English and Farsi. This shows the versatility of 4 Step Studio by being able to create a website that targets completely different cultures and regions of the world.


Through a third party application we also were able to provide customers with an easy way to request an appointment and pay for services from the website. Making it convenient for international customers to work with Dr. Ahadpour.


Please check out this bi-lingual website by clicking here.

"I highly recommend using 4 Step Studios services. They were responsible for making three websites for my colleagues and myself, including websites in other languages. The 4 Step Studio team has excellent knowledge, skills, commitment to detail and go above what is expected of them. In addition, they are extremely organized, reliable and technology savvy. They follow through to ensure that the job gets done on time and in budget, no matter what.


They are a tremendous asset and I gladly give my highest recommendation to any business looking to work with them. 


Mehdi Ahadpour Ph.D

Clinical Psychologis

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